Armored Vehicle Solution


when any vehicle is converted into armoured almost 750-950kg of additional weight is put on the vehicle for the armouring.By doing this the power to weight ratio of the vehicle get disturb by 40%.

Which lead into problems such as,

Very poor acceleration from 0-60km/h

Difficult to drive the car in rush hours.

Hard to keep up with the traffic.

Reduced high speed.

Difficult to get out from a panic situation and many more.

With the Unichip we offer a complete solution for your Armouredvehicle,after installation of Unichip your vehicle driveability will be almost close to a normal ( non armour ) vehicle.

Well the Unichip works with your existing Ecu, and it allow us to change the engine parameters such as the time at which the fuel is injected and the quality of how much fuel should be injected with the response time of the turbo charger and few things more.

By adjusting these parameters we are able to give more power to the engine safely as the armoured vehicles need more power at lower rpm range to accelerate from stop due to the extra weight and thus the results after Unichip is a very smooth powerful drive. 

Yes the noise of the engine will he reduced upto a notice able difference because as per now the car is running under massive load conditions for which it is not tuned by factory and with Unichip we tune the car for current load conditions. 

An example when your vehicle is converted into armour vehicle the shocks absorbers, springs , brakes etc has been changed to handle the extra weight but no engine reprogramming or modifications has been done for it. If we buy any imported amour vehicle they all do the power enhancement as a part of the kit. But in Pakistan we are the only ones who understand engine electronic tuning and providing this service to many armouring companies.

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