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 ‘Chipping’ used to refer to how engine management tuning upgrades were conducted in the early days of vehicle electronics – the car’s engine management system would be dismantled, the standard ‘chip’ removed and a new ‘chip’ carrying performance orientated mapping would be soldered in. These days, ‘chipping’ is still used to refer to a process that’s now conducted by ‘reflashing’ the OEM engine management system through the vehicle’s On Board Diagnostics (OBD) port.

Unichip differs from both of these methods, because is it a supplementary engine control unit (ECU.) As such it is far more advanced than any generic ‘reflash’ programs, tuning boxes or the like that are available today. The Unichip is an individually programmable piggy back ECU designed to meet the requirements of both engine and driver. Being fully adjustable, it is also future proof and can be remapped by your Unichip dealer to exploit further engine modifications that you make to your car – many OBD programmers cannot do this.

Instead, the Unichip piggy back ECU simply intercepts the information to / and from the standard engine ECU and adjusts the signal to enable the engine to reach its full potential in terms of power, fuel consumption, and drivability within the already mentioned manufacture specified safety parameters.

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