Turbo Module

Turbo Module

The optional Turbo module is normally used on aftermarket turbocharger installations. It can measure boost which the Unichip can then use to control extra injectors or other devices or do closed loop boost control. There are two versions available, one that can measure up to 1.5 bar boost and another that can measure up to 2.5bar boost. The Turbo module also includes an injector driver and voltage clamping circuit to prevent certain signals from going to high if an aftermarket turbocharger is fitted to a vehicle.


» Allows mapping of Boost on aftermarket turbo or supercharger applications.
» Built in 2.5 Bar MAP sensor.


MAP sensors on normally aspirated vehicles put out 0-5Volt signals, 5 Volts being maximum Voltage at maximum pressure of 1Bar (atmospheric pressure at sea-level). When an aftermaket turbo or supercharger is added this maximum pressure obviously goes above atmospheric pressure, hence the need for a MAP sensor that puts out a 0-5Volt signal based on a 0 to 2.5 Bar pressure. This allows tuners to tune the entire Boost range.

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