Features of the Unichip?


‘Chipping’ used to refer to how engine management tuning upgrades were conducted in the early days of vehicle electronics – the car’s engine management system would be dismantled, the standard ‘chip’ removed and a new ‘chip’ carrying performance orientated mapping would be soldered in. These days, ‘chipping’ is still used to refer to a process that’s now conducted by ‘reflashing’ the OEM engine management system through the vehicle’s On Board Diagnostics (OBD) port.
Unichip differs from both of these methods, because is it a supplementary engine control unit (ECU.) As such it is far more advanced than any generic ‘reflash’ programs, tuning boxes or the like that are available today. The Unichip is an individually programmable piggy back ECU designed to meet the requirements of both engine and driver. Being fully adjustable, it is also future proof and can be remapped by your Unichip dealer to exploit further engine modifications that you make to your car – many OBD programmers cannot do this.Instead, the Unichip piggy back ECU simply intercepts the information to / and from the standard engine ECU and adjusts the signal to enable the engine to reach its full potential in terms of power, fuel consumption, and drivability within the already mentioned manufacture specified safety parameters.


With the Unichip piggy back ECU, no changes are made within the vehicle’s original standard engine management system and thus all the safety parameters as set by the manufacturer remain in place. There is no tampering with these original safety parameters, including cold start and knock sensors, water and air temperature sensors, and oxygen sensors or the inadvertent and costly altering of these as sometimes can occur due to operator error.
Unichip also offers some crucial advantages over generic ‘re-flash’ chips. Firstly, even if you ‘re-flash’ your standard engine management system (EMS) back to the standard settings prior to service work, the EMS logs how many times it has been re-flashed and this is easily detected by the main dealer’s diagnostic equipment. Frequently, the uprated code of the ‘reflash’ is overwritten during main dealer servicing, so your upgrade as well as your warranty could be immediately removed.
Once the Unichip is installed, it leaves no electronic “footprint”, and this also applies should you want to remove the unit, unlike when you program the standard ECU with a re-flash programmer, the ECU knows and records that it has been reprogrammed.
Secondly, being universal, when you sell your car, you can remove your Unichip and then have it installed on your next car – as it can simply be remapped by your Unichip dealer. Or you can choose to sell it onto a fellow owner – something that you simply can’t do with a OBD reflash that’s around the same price as the Unichip piggy back ECU! Bearing in this in mind, the Unichip represents excellent value.


The Unichip piggy back ECU allows a car to be LIVE mapped on a rolling road control the following:

Aftermarket Turbo or Supercharger Installations:

The Unichip piggy back ECU will work in conjunction with aftermarket turbocharger and supercharger installations, controlling boost levels, fuel and ignition parameters.

Turbocharger Boost Levels:
The Unichip can control turbo wastegate solenoid systems to increase boost pressure to safely improve performance. Boost limits can be altered or imposed.

Water Injection Control:
For high performance turbocharger applications, the Unichip piggy back ECU can control the activation of water or water / methanol injection into the inlet manifold to help reduce detonation at high boost levels.

Alter fuel mixture in a 3D* map by +-50%. If you want to install larger fuel injectors these are easily accommodated and injector scaling is quick and simple.

Intercooler Water Spray Control:
For high performance turbocharger applications, Unichip can control the use of intercooler water spray to help reduce air charge temperatures.

Nitrous Oxide Activation & Mapping:
Automatic secondary map when water or nitrous is active. Automatic switch back to primary map when water or nitrous is low or de-activated.

Valve Timing:
The Unichip can be used to control variable valve timing on modern VVT engines to increase power output.

Idle speed Stabilization:
The Unichip can control idle speed stabilization, to allow an engine to idle when performance camshafts are fitted.

REV Limiters:
The Unichip piggy back ECU is designed to allow engine rev limits to be altered on implemented.

Alter ignition timing in a 3D* map down to 0.1degree resolution.

Variable induction systems can be controlled by the Unichip to improve performance.

Launch Control:
The Unichip piggy back ECU is capable of running a variety of switchable launch control strategies. Simply select first gear, hold down the clutch, floor the throttle and let the Unichip provide you with the perfect performance getaway.

*A 3D map consists of a table of engine speed versus engine load, plus a value for fuelling or ignition timing at any combination of speed or load. This method is used to map the most advanced stand alone ECU’s on the market accurately and safely, which is why the same functionality is built into the Unichip.

UNICHIP Piggy Back ECU additional Features:
» Road speed governor delimiting for Japanese imports.
» Calibration of electronic speedometers when larger wheels have been fitted.
» Conversion of electronic speedometers from KMH to MPH for imports.
» Drive additional fuel injectors, with variable blend control .
» Conversion to individual throttle bodies on certain cars.
» Conversion of mechanical injection systems to full 3D* fuel & ignition control.
» Conversion from flap type air flow meters to less restrictive hot film meters.
» Multiple maps to suit different fuels.
» Activation of gear shift lights.
» Data logging of maximum boost pressure.
» Date logging of maximum RPM.
» Full throttle gear changes

*NOTE: Some of these additional features require the fitment of an additional Dastek interface module


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